In Ahvaz, ‘honor’ Claims Victims Once Again

On Monday, April 7, 2024, a 27-year-old woman in Ahvaz was brutally stabbed to death
by her brothers in front of her husband’s eyes. According to local sources cited by the
Rokna news agency, after entering their sister’s house, the brothers fatally stabbed her
with multiple knife wounds. They also assaulted the husband of their sister, who
attempted to intervene, before fleeing the scene.”
On March 29, 2024, a 21-year-old girl in Abadan, one of the cities in Khuzestan
Province, was murdered by her 75-year-old father for “honour” reasons by drowning.
Following the father’s arrest, he confessed to drowning and killing his young daughter
due to honour-related issues. The family of the killed girl announced that they have no
complaints against the perpetrator of this crime, who was the father of the girl.
In both cases, the identities of the perpetrators and victims have not been disclosed.
Those who have more information on this matter or any cases of honor killings or
violence against women are requested to provide their information to the authorities to
help stop honor killings.
According to investigative reports by Rezvan Moghadam published on the Zamaneh
website and the Stop honor Killings Campaign website, from March 2023 to December
2023, 136 cases of “honour killings” of women by male family members have been


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