Campaign’s plan

We, a group of Iranian women’s rights activists and gender equality advocates both inside and abroad, have set up a campaign to give voice to the victims of “honor” killings in Iran.

Across Iran, women and young girls are often killed by male family members in the most brutal methods, by Axe, Sickle, poisoning…… and their bodies are buried in unknown cemeteries and in the corners of homes. 

The Campaign to “stop honor killing” aims to raise awareness to such crimes and put an end to the killing of women and young girls.

 “Women are no one’s property”. No one is defined as another person’s “honor”.

Goals and Targets 

The Campaign’s main goal is to stop “honor” killings by primarily focusing on two main factors as the root causes: cultural and legal. We acknowledge that there are many reasons that contribute to these tragedies. Legislation and the law, under the influence of the Sharia and educational system, curriculum and literature, state media and the deep rooted and institutionalised patriarchy collectively provide the context of “honor” killings. 

To put an end to “honor” killings, the Campaign will use the following methods:

  • Empowering women by raising their awareness of their rights in the towns and villages by experienced counsellors,
  • Inviting and encouraging men to support the Campaign,
  • Culture building by publishing information and collecting signatures on petitions,
  • Attracting international human rights bodies and personalities to the plight of the victims,
  • Communicating and collaborating with women grassroots movements in the region who suffer from the same predicament.

Pillars of the Campaign

  • Members
  • Steering committee
  • Working groups


A member is a person who participates in the general meetings and joins one or more of the Campaign working groups.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is comprised of volunteers from among the members who serve for a limited period as prescribed in the procedural document for the Committee. The steering committee addresses suggestions made by members, prioritises and implements the campaign activities within the framework of the policies. It also reviews the existing capabilities, resources requirements of the proposal(s), prioritizes, regulates and implements specific programs. Preparing the budget is also the responsibility of the steering committee.  

The Steering Committee will report to members on the progress of the Campaign’s goals in short intervals (no longer than one month) and will seek their feedback within a prescribed timeline.

A nominated person from the Steering Committee will act as the “liaison” between the Steering Committee, the members, and the representatives of the Work Groups. The liaison will facilitate the gathering of suggestions and proposals to and from the steering committee.

Working groups

Working groups comprise of:

-Education & Research

-International Relations

– Public Relations



-Publicity, Media, and Publication

Campaign’s Execution Period 

This is a long-term Campaign until the desired result is achieved.

Scope of Campaign activities

The aim and the focus of the Campaign is to stop “honor” killings in Iran but Iranians from all around the world are welcomed to participate and collaborate to achieve its goals.


Participation in the Campaign is voluntary but members are encouraged to contribute in form of donation. The campaign may also accept donations from other individuals.

For further information please contact the Steering Committee at: