Statement by Stop honor Killings Campaign against the re-mergence of the “Guidance Corpse” under the name of “Noor initiative” and “Ambassadors of kindness”.

The Islamic state ruling Iran, unable to resolve the crisis stemmed from the destructive and failed economic, political, social and international policies and to divert increased discontent among the population has once again targeted women.

During the revolutionary movement of Women-Life-Freedom and against the murder of Mahsa/Jina Amini by the guidance corpse, many women who had experienced forced hejab, humiliation and gender discrimination decided to once and for all get rid of the forced hejab.

During this period, people’s demonstrations were suppressed by the most brutal methods. Thousands were detained and subjected to psychological and physical abuse and a number of them lost their eyesight by direct bullets into their eyes.

Now, at the height of the self-made crisis and unable to resolve them and manage the country and the increasing discontent, the Islamic government has targeted women to divert people’s attention.

The guidance corpse, which disappeared from the streets has once again re-emerged under the titles of “Ambassadors of light and kindness”!

The implementation of the new initiatives which began on 14 April has been accompanied by unprecedented violence against those women and girls who are on the streets with the attire of their choice. They have been assaulted verbally and physically, their vehicles and mobile phones confiscated and fined hugely.

On the other hand, discriminatory laws have increased violence against women and girls at home. The inhumane laws and practices have given men the tools to murder women under the pretext of defending their “honor”.

The Campaign to Stop honor Killings strongly condemns all initiatives such as “the Hejab and Chastity”, the “Noor initiative” and or the “Ambassadors of kindness” which are aimed to harass women verbally and physically and insult their human dignity.

The Campaign to Stop honor Killings believes that increasing violence against women stems from the lack of decisive approach to punish the perpetrators.

The Campaign to Stop honor Killings calls on all the conscious people of the world in cooperation in coordination with the Iranian women to condemn the increasing violence imposed by the Islamic rulers on Iranian women.

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