A victim of honor killing in the heart of England from hiand.

Rouhi Shafiee

Scotland Yard under criticism for ignoring the plight of a woman who was stalked by her ex-husband.

The police force is now under criticism for ignoring the plight of Sana Mohammad, a 35 years old woman, with 5 children and heavily pregnant with her 6th child.

Sana Mohammad was at home, pregnant and expecting to deliver her 6th child soon when her ex-husband burst into her home in east London in November 2018 and fired into her stomach as she tried to flee . She did not survive the attack, but her child survived by Caesarian section.

While being threatened by her ex-husband, she made several contacts with the police but was warned not to “mis-use the 999 call system” while reporting her ex-husband’s abuse. Months before the murder, the husband was making threatening comments to her children.

The young woman had an arranged marriage at the age of 17 in 1999 while her husband was 33 years old. After years of abuse, she finally divorced him in 2014. The divorce didn’t mean that she was free from abuse, but the police ignored the matter her plea for help. According to the report by the Evening Standard, there were missed opportunities to Ms Mohhamad situation, where independent domestic violence advisors should have visited her after the first encounter by her ex-husband even before they divorced.

In various reports and documents, it is noted that the police often ignore the pleas of women who ask for help. When finally an abuser gets to the victim and it often ends with violence against the victim, the police begin investigation of their negligence to the victim’s begging for help.

The cases of honor-based murders are not very common in Britain but there has been cases when women ask for help and are ignored by the police until after they are murdered. In this case, a young woman was the victim of hate and revenge by a husband who believed his honor has been tarnished by the divorce and managed to murder his ex-wife, leaving 6 children motherless. 

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