A 31-Year-Old Woman Was Killed by Her Husband

On June 16th, 2023, a 39-year-old man killed his wife with a gun in an industrial town
named Estehban, located on the way to Fasa city in Fars province. Following the
announcement of the police emergency center 110 about a case of intentional homicide
in Estehban industrial town, police officers were immediately dispatched to the scene to
investigate the matter.
In the preliminary investigations, it was found that the killer killed his 31-year-old wife
with an illegal hunting weapon due to a “family dispute”. By identifying the killer and
discovering his hiding place, the agents succeeded in arresting him.
Anyone with additional information on this matter is asked to provide it to the Stop honor
Killings Campaign.

Stop honor Killings Campaign’s email address: stophksteering@gmail.com

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