The Brutal Murder of a Young Woman in Ravansar

Marzieh Hasili is the name of a young woman who was killed in the city of Ravansar.

She had been married for several months and had a dispute with her husband. Her husband had threatened her several times and Marzieh had filed for divorce in court.

Marzieh’s husband, Shahram Aghaei, was arrested following a complaint from the victim’s family, and Ravansar police has not yet confirmed that her husband was involved in her murder.

The brutal murder of a young woman in Ravansar / her husband is suspected of murder.

According to reports; the discovery of the burnt body of a young woman in the city of Ravansar aroused the general anger of the people of this city. The identity of the woman was confirmed and according to reports, she disappeared the day before the body was found, and the next day her body was found in one of the surrounding villages between Ravansar and Kamyaran.

The killer or killers stole her gold and set her body on fire after beating her, although from the very first hours of the news, the motive for the murder was stated to be robbery, but according to local sources, now the husband of Marzieh Hasili with the identity (sh, a) has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Marzieh’s family suspects and complains about her husband because, according to them, Marzieh was repeatedly threatened with death by her husband before the murder.

Marzieh and Mr. (Sh, A) have been married for a short time, but they have had a dispute since the beginning and have filed for divorce. In the courtroom, Marzieh has been repeatedly threatened with death by her husband.

The murder of women by men in the family continues, and the media only publishes news and never investigates the perpetrators.

The patriarchal and anti-women laws derived from religion, society and culture, which consider men as the owners of women, and the systematic poverty that has been instilled in the society by the government are among the causes of the systematic murder of women. The murderer is acquitted after the murder under false pretenses and by using legal loopholes, which increases the killing and genocide of women.

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