A Father Killed his Young Daughter in Rafsanjan for Having an Affair with a Boy

According to the campaign reporter; a father from the village of Mehmanshahr in Rafsanjan killed his 21-year-old daughter because of her relationship with a boy, and then threw her body into a deep well around the village. According to the residents of Mehmanshahr village; the father, after throwing his daughter’s body deep into the well and dropping a few large stones on her, told his wife the location of the body and then fled. The girl’s mother told police that she had no complaints against her husband over the murder of her daughter. According to the Islamic Penal Code, a father who kills his child is sentenced to pay a ransom and imprisonment if convicted in court. In some cases, fathers have committed murder after investigating the fact that the father cannot be executed for the murder of his child.

These days we are witnessing shocking examples of honor killings of girls and young women by their fathers, husbands or other male relatives. In many cases of honor killings, the police and the judiciary are negligent. Their actions are a license for the murder. Of prominent examples are murder of Romina Ashrafi by her father in Gilan, Sargol Habibi by her husband in Sanandaj, and the murder of Bayan and Sahar Moradi. We witness that all the complaints of Bayan to the police regarding her husband’s violence were ignored.

Violence against women is one of the most obvious human rights violations in the world. This has not even been criminalized in Iran. Laws are ineffective in punishing murderers, and there are even special discounts for them, thereby authorizing them to kill.

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