Father Strangled His Daughter in Faryab, Afghanistan

A woman accused of “illegitimate relationship” was killed by her father in Faryab,
According to the Stop “honor” Killings Campaign, quoting from the Etelaat, 13th month
of Aqrab (November), a girl was killed by her father in Bilchiragh district of Faryab
Province in Afghanistan. A source in an interview with Etelaat newspaper claimed: this
woman was accused of having an illegitimate relationship with a 16-year-old boy. She is
married and her husband is in Iran. It is said that the said boy entered her house on
November 14th, 2022. He was beaten by the locals. After these incidents, the woman’s
father reached the place and strangled and killed his daughter. In Afghanistan, the men
of the families consider women to be their properties. In this killing, the neighbors tried
to beat the young boy, who is considered a child. “honor worship” prevents the woman
from being allowed any defense.

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