Killing of a 37-Year-Old Woman by Multiple Stabbing

On April 14, 2024, a woman approximately 37 years old was targeted with 20 knife
strikes to her abdomen, neck, and back on Gandhi Street in Tehran, resulting in her
According to a report by Etemad, initial examination of witness statements suggests
that the young man who killed the woman was likely involved with her. Witnesses noted
that during a heated verbal altercation, the two referenced past events and shared
memories, indicating they knew each other. It was then that the young man drew a knife
and committed the killing in the street.
One eyewitness said: “I am almost certain these two knew each other because they
argued quietly for a few minutes for unknown reasons. When their argument escalated,
they talked about the past. Then, when the situation reached its peak, the young man
suddenly attacked the woman with a knife, stabbing her multiple times, and then fled
while holding the victim’s phone.”
As writing this report, no information had been released regarding the identification and
arrest of the killer or the identity of the victim in the media.

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