A Kermanshahi Son Scarified his 38-year-old mother to “honor”!

About two weeks ago, once again, a young woman named “Mohtaram Veisi”, 38 years old, was brutally killed in Kermanshah by her son under the pretext of preserving “honor”.

According to the report, on the evening of Sunday, May 1st, 2022, Mohtaram Veisi was hit by a car (Nissan) which was driven by his son “Omid Moradi” in the Jalalieh neighborhood. Then he drove over her body several times to make sure his mom is killed.

On the night of the murder, Veisi’s son and his wife argued with her who was on the verge of divorce due to a possible relationship with another person. When the argument became physical, she got upset and left the house barefoot. Her son chased after her and hit her with his car.

Omid Moradi, Weiss’s son has been arrested by the police in this regard.

This crime took place while we are witnessing mass demonstrations in different cities. The women’s rights in slogans are still missing. Honor killings have risen sharply in recent years, that is the result of more than four decades of anti-woman education and the promotion of violence.

Gender stereotypes in textbooks, misogynistic teachings from the mosque podium, promoting the men’s right and sense of ownership over women, and discriminatory laws against women are key factors in “honor” devotion and objectification of women.

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