Campaign to Stop Honor Killings Condemns Detention, murder and use of children to suppress dissent in Iran

The detention of Mahsa Amini by the guidance and moral police for not having proper “hijab” and consequently her death in September 2022 sparked unprecedented anger among the Iranians, especially women who have been deprived of their basic human rights by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Thousands of young women and men have since occupied the streets in major cities, among whom are large number of children under 18 years of age. According to the news, a number of these children were among those who were murdered by the security forces. Children who are the future assets of the country were shot dead directly, and some the injured were taken into custody.

On the other hand, the Islamic Republic of Iran has bypassed all the international conventions on the right of child and recruited from among its supporters or the homeless children and brought them on the streets equipped with combat costume and batons to fight the demonstrators.    

The Islamic Republic of Iran has bypassed the International Convention on the Right of Child which Iran is a signatory and the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which states that: “Governments shall refrain from recruiting children into the armed forces.”

The Campaign to Stop Honor Killings in Iran strongly condemns the detention, torture and murder of children on the streets and in detention. It also condemns the use of children in the police or any other combat force which is against all international conventions and treaties.  

The Campaign to Stop Honor killings in Iran also demands the immediate release of all children in police custody.

The Campaign to Stop Honor Killings in Iran calls on all international human rights bodies to raise their voices and condemn the treatment of children in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Below are the names of a number of children who have been murdered in recent decent in Iran:

  1. Nika Shakarami (female),18, from the city of Khoramabad, murdered in Tehran
  2. Sarina Esmailzadeh (female),16 murdered in Karaj
  3. Parsa Rezadoust, (male), 17 murdered in Hashtgerd
  4. Amin Maarefat (male), 16 murdered in Azarbaijan
  5. Abdulah Mohamadpour (male), 17, murdered in Azarbaijan
  6. Mehdi Mousavi (male), 16, murdered in Zanjan
  7. Pedram Azarnoush (male), 16, murdered in Kohkiluieh and Boyer Ahmad
  8. Amir Fouladi (male), 16, murdered in Western Islamabad
  9. Amir Nowruzi (male), 16, murdered in Port Anzali
  10. Amin Maarefat (male), 16, murdered in Oshnovieh
  11. Pedram Azarnoush (male), murdered in Dehdasht
  12. Amirhossein Basati (male), 16, murdered in Kermanshah
  13. Zakaria Khial (male), 16, murdered in Kermanshah
  14. Abdulah Mohamad pour (male), 17, murdered in the village of Balu in Orumieh region.

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