Another woman was killed in Marivan

On Sunday January 2nd, 2023, a half-dead and burnt body of a young woman with 95% burns named Negin Rostami was transferred to Kousar Hospital in Sanandaj. After 6 days of fighting with death, she finally died due to severe burns on January 28th, 2023.

Negin Rostami was from Sanandaj and a resident of Nei village around Marivan. She told the nurses and people around her at Kousar Hospital: “A short man with a covered face tried to burn her.” Nagin Rostami is one of thousands of child-marriage victims who had a very difficult childhood.

As a child, Negin was subjected to physical violence by her father many times. At the age of 12, she experienced the suffering of forced marriage and child marriage and was married three times in her short life.

Negin had a daughter from her first marriage, but Negin divorced her husband due to severe violence against her. According to the report by Gina’s website, Negin agreed to marry a man named A.M. for the second time. A.M. was from Salian village in the outskirts of Sane city. There, Negin also had faced the vehemence and torture of her husband and his family. It is said that even though she had three children, she was still treated like a prisoner and the abuse was so severe that Negin was forced to flee, but because she had no shelter and no place to stay, she spent some time in a safe house in Sane. After a lot of misfortunes and in spite of A.M.’s disapproval and his harassment, she succeeded in getting a divorce.

Negin was married for the third time to a man named Abu Bakr Khosravi, and apparently, she was happy with her life and marriage, but two months after the marriage, she was set on fire with gasoline in the yard of her house by a man who covered his face. Nagin’s previous husband has threatened her many times, and to Nagin’s account, he once threatened her with a gun and even said, your death will happen with my hands and I will kill you one day.

Negin Rostami is not the first woman who is a victim of patriarchy, violence against women, child marriage, forced marriage and lack of laws protecting women. In the laws of the Islamic Republic, there is no law to hold a violent father accountable. Laws support, promote, and encourage child marriage. According to the law, a father can marry even his infant daughter to a 90-year-old man. After marriage, the husband becomes his wife’s owner, and everything is under his control, even his wife normal socializing. The man has the right to divorce and dozens of other discriminatory laws. There are not enough safe houses to shelter the abused person if a father, brother or spouse is violent.





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