Continuation of Honor Killings during the Revolutionary Movement “woman, Life, Freedom”

Rezvan Moghaddam

In early  February 2023, the body of a 12-year-old girl named, Raheel was found near a village, Serkhon, part of the city of  Bandar Abbas. The head of the Hormozgan Provincial Intelligence Police announced that a person who killed his 12-year-old sister with a big chopper was arrested in the city of  Bandar Abbas. The name of the murderer is Mohammad,19 years old. In the beginning, Mohammad described several different scenarios: “First, he said that a car followed us and Raheel ran away. Then he said that 3 people attacked us and I had to kill my sister so that she would not be harmed. In the end, he said that he killed his sister because there were rumors about her in the village. Abdul Majid Karmi, the head of the intelligence police of Hormozgan province, said: ” Initially Mohammad was found in a hospital due to committing suicide.  Then we discovered that he encouraged his sister out of the house and then after drinking alcohol and using drugs killed her with a  big chopper. On February 28 E’temad newspaper wrote, “According to some local sources, children’s games in the street brought shame to the family of Raheel’s and  Mohammad killed her sister for this reason.” Mohammad stated that he first restricted his sister from leaving the house and took her phone, but he could not stop gossiping about her sister.

This is not the first time that a brother kills his sisters under the excuse of gossiping. It may raise the question:  how could a 19-year-old boy be so cruel?   Is it false teachings that brainwash men? In the government of the Islamic Republic, bombarding gender stereotypes through textbooks, pulpits, and mosques, make the public space unsafe for girls and women who are victims of  “honor” killings.

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