The Campaign to stop “honor” killings strongly condemns the poisoning of Iranian schoolgirls

Six months have passed since the Women-Life-Freedom protest movement in Iran began.  During these six months, more than five hundred people are murdered, thousands of protestors are in jail, death sentences are issued for many peopleو and so far seven young men are executed.  The government attempts to silence the voice of the Iranian people, especially the young generation, by using all kinds of tactics including torture, forceful confession on National Television, fake news, and even showing porn/rape movies to students in schools to make them believe that this would happen to them if they participate in the demonstrations

 In this unequal combat, young women and female students, are a considerable part of the protestors.  The repressive police forces, who have not been able to silence the voices of the protestors since have been using gas poisoning in girls’ schools in different cities of Iran.

 Gas poisoning of schoolgirls in the cities of Qom, Borujerd, Qazvin, Tehran, Karaj, Sari, Ardabil, Kermanshah, Rasht, Sanandaj,  Lahijan, Hamedan, Zanjan, Tabriz, and some other cities is a new trick of the government. The poisoning of schoolgirls started on November 30th in the city of Qom, which, as usual, was initially met with denials or irresponsible statements by the authorities. The continuation of poisonings in schools during the past three months finally caused some government officials to react, including the Minister of Health and Medicine, who decided to send a team of experts to Qom to investigate.

Up to now two students, Fatemeh Rezaei and Sanaz Jamshidi, died due to the severity of toxic gas poisoning. The prosecutor of Qom threatened the family of Fatemeh Rezaei, to remain silent. Also, more than a few thousand students have been hospitalized and some stayed in the hospital to recover for a few hours. These Serial poisonings are part of the Taliban’s policies to suppress and forced girls to stay home and keep them away from education.

On February 2, some social networks announced that the Fadaiyan Velayat (a reactionary Islamist pro-government group) distributed a leaflet, saying that “Education of girls is forbidden and girls’ schools should be closed” and they threatened to continue spreading the poisoning of girls throughout Iran if girls’ schools are not closed”.

Therefore, it is certain that the poisoning of female students is not an accident, but is an organized and systematic practice, as the acid attack on females in the city of Isfahan was an organized action in 2014. It is the responsibility of the authorities to find the leaders and perpetrators of poisoning students and punish them. Any failure is considered cooperation with the criminals.

 The Campaign Stop “Honor” Killings considers the serial and organized poisoning of female students in Iranian cities as part of the inhuman tricks of the agents of the Islamic government and condemns the use of such inhumane methods against female students.

Also, it requests all international organizations, especially the World Health Organization and UNICEF, to investigate the issue of the poisoning of Iranian girls by sending teams to Iran.

  The Campaign Stop “honor” killings and signatories of this statement request all the international organizations, especially the World Health Organization, UNICEF and United Nations Special Rapporteur on violence against women and girls, to act fast and send teams of experts to Iran to investigate the issue of the poisoning of the Iranian school girls.


Stop “honor” Killings Campaign

Institutions, parties and civil organizations

 Montreal Women Association

 Germany & the Netherlands Society of Republican Supporters

 Hamburg Society of Human Rights & Democracy for Iran

 Iran-Swiss Cultural Society, Geneva

 Esmail Khoie Foundation

 Mothers of Park Laleh, Durthmoutmond

 Supporters of Mothers of Park Lakeh, Hamburg

 Supporters of Mothers of Park Laleh, Fersno

 Institute of “Human Rights for All-For Iran

 Europress Federation

 Kurdistan Centre for Human Rights

Montreal Mothers for Peace

 Human Rights Campaign for Iran

 Women for Freedom and Sustainable Equality

Independent Committee Against Suppression of Iranians, Paris

Committee in Defense of Human Rights in Iran(HEJA)

Committee to Defend Human Rights in Iran, Chicago

Committee “No to Islamic Republic “California, Orange County

Committee to Defend Political & Civil Activists Prisoners

 Iranian National Solidarity , Fersno, California

Solidarity of Iran’s Republican Supporters , Montreal.

Solidarity for Human Rights in Iran, Calgary

Supporters of a Secular Republic in Iran

Society of Iranian Supporters of Secular Republic in Iran

 International Coalition Against Violence in Iran (ICAVI)

Revolutionary Council of Prosecutors

Iranian Solidarity, California, Turlock & Modesto

Association of German and Dutch Republicans

Bahmad the youth in exile

Movement of democratic and secular Republicans of Iran

Solidarity for Human Rights in Iran – Calgary

 Solidarity of Iranian Republicans (Haja) – Montreal

 National Solidarity of Iranians of Fresno

Signatures of civil and political activists

Ardavan Ershad, Isma’l Safarzadeh,  A’zam Bahrami, Akbar Soori, Amir Behboodi,  Elahe Amani, Elahe  Abadi, Arezoo Mujaverian, Behzad Karimi,  Parvaneh Shahryari, Parvin Malek, Parya Goodarzi, Tooraj Abuzarkhani, Tonia Valioghli, Soraya Nadimpoor, Jamileh Davoodi, Hasan Zahtab, Hasan Safirnasab, Hasan Golshahi, Hamideh Saberi,Hamid Biazar, Khadijeh Moghadam, Rezvan Moghadam, Ruhi Shafie, Rouzbeh Kamali, Reza Torabi, Jaleh Fathinejad, Sara Afrasiabi, Sasan Soliamani, Sohaila Golshahi, Siavash Abghari, Sharareh Mehboodi, Shahla Abghari, Shahla Entesari, Sadeq Kar, Saba Alaleh, Abbas Moghadampoor, Ghazal Sadr, Fatemeh Dadvand, Fatemeh Rezaei, Fathieh Yazdi, Fereshteh Abadi, Farmisak Azaramin, Fariba Parsa,  Farideh Mosapoor, Kazem Alamdari, Koorush Amjadi, Giti Poorfazel, Leqaeihe Bakhtiari,Leyla Ravand, Majid Abdulrahimpoor, Mohammad Sadeq Asghari, Madis Tavakkoli, Marzieh Shafi’a, Maryam Ahari, Maryam Moradi, Maryam Moin Waziri, Maryam Farivar, Mahmoud Alizadeh Lesani, Malihe Maghazei, Masoud Safri Nasab, Masoud Shab Afrooz, Maliheh Hayati, Mehdi Parviz, Mahshid Pegahi, Mitra Babak, Mitra Fazili, Narges Haji, Nayereh Tahidi, Haniyeh Mirzai, Homa Badihian, Homa Moradi , Hoshang Asadi, Yousef Mohammadi

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