Honor Killing or Suicide

On July 13, 2023, in the village of Razi, Qotur district of Khoy city, a child bride named Rahaleh Rahdari was a victim of a murder or suicide. Rahaleh, at the age of 14 years , was forced into marriage by her family to a man whom she had no affection for, and it was too early for her to enter into a married life. According to a reliable source, both her father’s family and her husband’s family subjected her to domestic violence, contributing to the campaign to stop honor killings.

An informed source reveals that Rahaleh’s elder sister, four years prior, also faced domestic violence after her engagement ended, and at the age of 17, she jumped off a building and died.

The source also states that rumors circulate in the village, suggesting that the forensic investigation has not confirmed suicide but rather indicates that Rahaleh was suffocated before being hanged. Further investigations are ongoing. Rahaleh was laid to rest in her hometown on July 14.

If anyone has additional information on this matter, they are requested to provide it to the campaign to stop honor killings.

Campaign email address:  stophksteering@gmail.com

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