Parastou Shahbazi, Another Child Wife, Was Killed by Her Husband

On Monday, May 29th, 2023, a young woman named Parastou Shahbazi, a resident of Mirki village in Dehgolan, 45 kilometers east of Sanandaj in Kurdistan province, was killed by her husband named Payam Sharifi.

According to an informed source, Payam Sharifi killed his young wife with multiple blows. Parastou Shahbazi was a victim of child marriage and was forced to marry at the age of 12. She gave birth to her child while herself was a child and had an 18-month-old daughter and she was a “child mother” as well. At the time of writing this news, there was no information about the arrest of the killer.

The number of killings of women under various pretexts, especially “honor” killings, has greatly increased, so that the home, which should be the safest place, has turned into a slaughterhouse for women who are captives of short-sighted men, the men who are under the influence of wrong education, view women as objects.

One of the ways to reduce violence against women is to raise the society awareness, especially men, about women’s rights. Institutionalizing the belief that a woman is no one’s honor.

18-year-old Parastou Shahbazi, 15-year-old Shakila Gholami, 17-year-old Rojin Azimi, three children who were killed by the men of the family in the last ten days.

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