Killing of Samereh Mokhtarpour, a 38-Year-Old Law Graduate, by Her


In the early hours of March 21st, 2024, Samereh Mokhtarpour, a 38-year-old law
graduate from the University of Urmia, a resident of Salmas, and living in Urmia, was
killed by her husband, Bahman Meighani. Samereh’s lifeless body was found 11
kilometers away from Mahabad city, bearing signs of beatings and injuries on her face
and body, and she had been strangled with a scarf. She had been a victim of domestic
violence before marriage. She had become acquainted with a man named Bahman and,
due to harassment, pressure from her family, she fled her home. Samereh had a young
daughter and, according to informed sources, had been subjected to physical and
verbal violence by her husband several times.
IranWire quotes an “informed source” as saying, “A few days later, Samereh called her
father and asked him to come and give his consent for her marriage to Bahman. She
had decided not to return home to her parents. Her mother and family told her not to do
this, but eventually they gave in, and Samereh’s life of misery began with Bahman.” The
source told IranWire: “Samereh absolutely did not like Bahman. Nobody knows how she
met him. Bahman had only promised her that he would help her escape from her
mother’s clutches, and that was enough for Samereh to trust him.”
According to the “informed source” speaking to IranWire, Bahman had suspicion about
Samereh and would beat her. His family and relatives were unaware of Bahman’s
violence. During the funeral ceremony of Samereh’s aunt, when she hugged her aunt’s
husband to console him, Bahman took her to a room and severely beat her. One of her
other aunts noticed this for the first time, but Samereh swore her not to tell anyone.
Although Samereh was a law graduate, Bahman did not allow her to open a law firm,
and she agreed to work in a stone-cutting company.
After Samereh’s body was found, Bahman was arrested. During the interrogation,
Bahman initially claimed that Samereh had betrayed him, but eventually revealed the
details of the incident.

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