Killing of Elahe Mirzaei in Mashhad by Her Husband

On Saturday, May 4, 2024, a 30-year-old woman named Elahe Mirzaei was killed in Mashhad, a
city in the Razavi Khorasan province, by her husband, Reza, with multiple stab wounds.
Elahe Mirzaei discovered after marriage that her husband was addicted to drugs. Reza, who
worked at a bank, was fired due to his severe addiction. In addition to his addiction and
dismissal, economic problems also plagued their life. Elahe decided to stand on her own and
started working for Snapp to support their living expenses on her own. However, Reza’s
condition worsened day by day. Eventually, Elahe left to stay with her mother and requested a
mutual divorce.
Reza messaged Elahe, asking to speak with her alone before the separation, suggesting they
meet at the corner of the street. Knowing that Reza had a history of violence and had
previously injured her with a knife, Elahe refused and told Reza he could speak to her in the
presence of her family. Reza agreed. When the doorbell rang at the appointed time, Elahe
opened the door, but Reza immediately attacked her, stabbing her multiple times and killing
According to an informed source: “When Elahe’s siblings heard her screams, they rushed to
help her but were also attacked by Reza. Elahe’s sister and brother were taken to the hospital.
Her 16-year-old sister, Elnaz, fell into a coma due to severe stab wounds and blood loss.”
After killing Elahe and injuring her siblings, Reza fled but was eventually arrested by the police.
In his confession, Reza claimed his motive was “honor,” alleging he saw Elahe with her
boyfriend at her father’s house, even though he never entered the house and attacked Elahe at
the doorstep. He also attacked Elahe’s siblings with the same knife when they came to the
door. According to the informed source: “Besides his addiction, Reza was also paranoid and
constantly harassed Elahe, often shouting at her. Despite Elahe’s efforts to help him, Reza was
not change.”

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