“honor” Killing of a Young Girl in the Netherlands

In the city of Lelystad, Netherlands, the body of an 18-year-old girl named Rayan Al-
Najjar was found after a week of searching. The girl’s family has declared that this
incident was an honor killing.
Rayan’s 52-year-old father fled the Netherlands to Turkey immediately after committing
the killing. Reports indicate that he informed his family members that he had killed his
daughter and also disclosed the location where her body could be found.
Rayan’s two brothers have also been arrested by the police for their involvement in this
This incident highlights the grim reality that even in countries where women enjoy more
rights, migrant women continue to fall victim to honor killings.
This event once again draws attention to the social and cultural issues related to
women’s rights in migrant communities and underscores the need for serious and
coordinated efforts to combat such crimes.

Stop honor Killings Campaign

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