Killing of Two Young Girls in Dashtiari City in the Name of honor

In recent days, a video of the bodies of two teenage girls who were killed by their relatives in Dashtiari city with the motive of honor, was published on social networks. Ebrahim Kouchkazaei, Chabahar Chief of Police, said the incident took place 50 days ago and that the accused had been identified and arrested. But their names have not been revealed. According to Hamshahri Online, two teenage girls who were killed by their relatives were 17 and 18 years old. A video posted on social media shows them being shot dead.

It is said on social media that these girls left their house in a Turkani village in Dashtiari city without the knowledge of their families and went to Zahedan, but after a few days they regretted it and decided to return home. Before returning, the girls called their families and said they regretted what they had done, and their relatives encouraged them to return home. On their way back to the village, on the side road of Granchadan, not far from the Turkani village, the two teenagers encounter several men from their families. These people, while armed, shot at the girls and killed them. The pressures and restrictions placed on young girls by male member of the family are factors in girls committing suicide or running away from home. Which in any case, leads to their death.

Establishing safe houses and counseling centers is an urgent and necessary step to help women victims of violence.

Stop honor Killings Campaign

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