Bafrin Rasouli Was Killed by Her Husband in Mahabad, Kurdistan

Killing Women Becomes a Piece of Cake!

On Saturday, July 23rd, 2022, a young woman named Bafrin Rasouli, 27 years old, from the village of Qamtareh and a resident of Bahman neighborhood in Mahabad, was killed by her husband named “Omid”. K. This couple started their marriage life together two months ago.

It has been said that this couple had a dispute and Omid, the husband, beat his wife Bafrin with a belt and then strangled her by squeezing her neck. He then, hanged her body in her room and informed the police at 23:00 that night and told the police that his wife had committed suicide.

According to one of the relatives of Rasouli’s family: “The body of Bafrin Rasouli was transferred to the Urmia forensic doctor for an autopsy and has not yet been handed over to his family.”

Due to misogynistic and ineffective laws, killing women has become very easy. Misogynistic and bigotry men’s education start from childhood, preschool and elementary school.

These teaching that are officially taught through textbooks as well as movies that are broadcasted by state media, have made the family environment unsafe for the women.

By adopting repressive policies against women and using violence against them to force them observe the “Islamic hijab”, the government has spread more and more false beliefs among men about the inferiority of women. For this reason, we see a significant increase in the killing of women every day.


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