Killing a girl because of her interest in education

Parastoo Jahanshahri, 17-year-old girl from Chahar Borj village, Mashhad. Saturday- August 17, 1401-she was brutally murdered by her father at the same time as Ashura day. After Prastoo’s father found out that his daughter was planning to continue her studies and go to university, he beat her so much that Prastoo died due to the severity of the blows her father inflicted on his body. This is not the first time that a girl is killed by her father for continuing her education. Although the government of the Islamic Republic was never able to deprive women from education like the Taliban, Boko Haram, and Mujahideen in Afghanistan, however, it played a key role in propagating and promoting gender stereotypes, suppressing women, and holding back men in society with respect to women’s rights. By spending huge expenses, More has made a desperate attempt to stabilize and strengthen the domination of men in the family and society by women. Women who live in families affected by anti-feminist teachings are more exposed to honor killings than other women in the society.

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