The Murder of a 16-year-old Girl in Khomein by Her Father and Uncle

Rezvan. Moghaddam

On Saturday, December 31st, 2022, a 16-year-old girl in city of Khomein who was beaten by her father and uncle, was taken to the hospital in an unconscious state and died there. The reason for this “honor” killing at the hands of her father and uncle, which has been referred to as “family murder” in the domestic media, was ” the victim acquaintance and communication with a person on social networks”.
Hadi Afrasiabi, the police chief of Khomein city in Central province, confirmed the “murder of a 16-year-old girl by her father and uncle in this city” on Sunday, January1st, 2023, and called it a “family murder” and announced: “The perpetrators of this family murder was arrested shortly after the crime was committed and presented to the judicial system.”
Khomein’s police chief said: “The victim’s mother stated in the investigation that she noticed her daughter’s relationship with a strange man online some time ago, and when she realized that her daughter planning to leave the house, she shared the matter with her father and uncle.”
Khomein Police chief, without condemning honor killings or referring to violent laws in the Islamic Republic, blamed cyber space and emphasized on “creating a culture regarding the use of cyber space to reduce harm and its consequences on families”. He also announced that: in case of any personal or family problems, people can benefit from police psychological services free of charge by referring to police counseling and assistance centers to solve their problems.
But the question is whether women and girls who see their lives in danger from the men of the family can trust the police? How does the police, which is the repressive force for women and young girls, want to play a role in reducing violence against women?
The Stop honor Killings Campaign has repeatedly stated that anti-woman laws, education based on gender stereotypes, and the dissemination of materials that consider women as men’s “honor” are the basis of “honor” killings. The issue of compulsory hijab and the right to control women by the men of the family and the government are among the causes of honor killings.
In the killing of this teenage girl, the father, mother and uncle are all criminals. Instead of sympathy and friendship with her daughter, the victim’s mother leaves her in the hands of the father and uncle to kill her in order to preserve the family’s “reputation”. Father and uncle are suffering from severe cultural poverty and consider themselves as the owners of the 16-year-old girl, to the extent that they give themselves the right to kill her. They know very well that they are protected by the law for “honor” killing. This is the reason why every day we witness the heinous killing of girls and women in many parts of Iran!
It should be noted that until the time of writing this news, the photo and details of this young girl have not been received by the Stop “honor” Killings Campaign.
We appeal to those who have information about this young girl to inform the Campaign
at the email address:

Stop honor Killings Campaign

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