Your father’s home is not safe!

Date of the murder: May 6,2023

Victim: Aisheh, mother of 3 children

Murdered by her ex-husband, Parviz Baranzehi in order to protect his “honor”.

Place: city of Zahedan the capital of Sistan & Baluchistan province.

According to the reports by political activists in the region, Aysheh Barahuti who had divorced her abusive husband was murdered by him on Saturday 6 May.  In an interview with Fars News reporter, the commander of Sistan & Baluchistan region, Dustali Jalilian confirmed the murder and the arrest of the murderer in his hiding place by Zahedan police station13.

The identity of both the victim and the murderer has been confirmed. Aysheh moved to her father’s home after the divorce. On that day, the ex-husband entered the house and shot Aysheh 3 times by a handgun. Severely wounded, Aysheh ran away from the scene into the road, but the ex-husband followed her and slid her throat.

This is not the first, not the last murder. The root causes of violence against women in the region are multi-folded. Economic elements aside, some experts believe that cultural practices, tribal traditions of honor and owning women as property of men are institutionalised and play a big role in violence against women.

Experts and activists in the realm of women & children’s rights put the emphasis on the just law against child marriage and other discriminatory practices against women, something that unfortunately is not applicable in that vast region, as large number of people are deprived of identity documents such as birth certificate and the marriage is carried out in the traditional of “Baluchi style” not officially registered.  

The Islamic republic’s policy of increasing the population and having more children has put more pressure on women and increased violence against them.

Protecting women and creating safe houses in such traditional and deprived regions is not viable and women are left unprotected by the law and entangled in poverty and tribal control, away from being heard by women & human rights activists.

The killing of this innocent woman was yet another murder which adds to other murders across the country. Unless the deprived people of the region of Sistan & Baluchistan come into the official statistics and a just law covers the whole population, mainly women and children and protect them from violence, such murders will continue to attract the headlines and then forgotten from memory.

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