Murdering women in Iran by men to protect their “honor” continues under the protection of law!

Recently,  reports were out of two young cousins, Fereshteh & Setayesh from the region of Koohdasht in the province of Lorestan in the west of the country travelled to Turkey and attended a concert in the city of Van. Subsequently, they were murdered by their father and uncle.

The story has a lot of turns and twists. The two women were apparently cousins. Fereshteh was a child bride who was forced to marry her cousin, Setayesh’s brother at the age of 12 against her wish. She had a child at that young age while the husband, a drug dealer and addict was charged for drug dealing and went to prison. She was living in her uncle’s house with her young child.

Last autumn, the cousins decided to travel to turkey by bus through a tour operator company to do some sightseeing and attend an Iranian concert in the city of Van. Fereshteh sold some gold in her possession to pay for the trip.

Shortly after their departure, rumours spread among the family especially women who said they have been accompanied by some young men. These accusations forced them to discontinue their trip and leave the tour before getting out of Iran and return home.

Rumours never stopped and forced Fereshteh’s parents to leave their village, Aboalvafa and migrate to the town of Naderi to start a new life. Rumours never stopped even after 9 months and the two brothers (fathers of the girls) couldn’t take it anymore and decided to kill the girls to reclaim their “honor”.

On the eve of 7 April,2023, they took both their daughters from their residence in Bumehen to where Fereshteh’s father lived in Koohdasht. First, Fereshteh was shot in front of her 5 years old child, then they told the 16 years old Setayesh either to commit suicide or they will kill her. She took her own life by sleeping pills.

Reporters who work in the region of Lorestan believe that murdering women is in a critical situation. Young men who are poor and unemployed often resort to drug trafficking and violence. These situations are rarely get any publicity due to pressure from the local authorities including the judicial and security forces.

Recently, a reporter and director of Radio Lorestan Telegram channel Sina (Gholamhosein) Ghalandari

 Was detained for 11 days for reporting the murder of a 16 years old girl (Mobina Suri) who was murdered by her husband and his family members. While in detention he went on hunger strike and was released after 11 days. Sadly, his ordeal did not end there. He was sentenced to 13 months and 16 days by the judiciary in Kohdasht for spreading slander! He was also banned from his work for 2 years.

In the Islamic republic of Iran the murder of women under defending the “honor” of men does not carry a heavy sentence, but reporting the crime and exposing  the murderers carries the heavier punishment!

As with the murder of the two cousins, presently both fathers are in prison pending police investigation and the court decision. Referring to the Islamic penal code and the similar circumstances justice will never be served. Considering the fact that both murderers are the fathers of the victims and there is no one to seek justice. The murderers are the main plaintiffs who will ultimately be freed from prison as if no crime has been committed!  

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