Horrific Killing of a Woman in Bardaskan, One of the Cities of Khorasan Razavi Province

On Tuesday, April 9th, 2024, a 35-year-old woman named Samira Akbari was brutally
murdered by her ex-husband, Mohammad Zahedi, in the city of Bardaskan, one of the
cities of Khorasan Razavi Province. According to an informed source, “Samira had
divorced her husband three years ago and had managed to gain custody of her
children. However, during this time, she had not been able to escape the harassment
and abuse by her ex-husband.”
Mohammad Zahedi, after stabbing his ex-wife multiple times in the head, slit her throat.
Currently, the suspect in Samira’s murder is in custody.
The Islamic Republic labels killing of women by male family members as “family
disputes” and considers them private matters. However, the increase in misogyny and
the murders of women, especially honor killings, are the result of anti-women teachings
propagated by the Islamic Republic through textbooks, media, and anti-women
advertisements, which incur billions in expenses annually. Undoubtedly, the impact of
these teachings creates a sense of ownership over women, resulting in hundreds of
women being killed by their relatives, especially their husbands, each year.

Stop honor Killings Campaign

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