Concealing the Body of Wife Underneath Children’s Bed

On April 23rd, 2024, a young woman in Tehran was killed by her husband. The motive
for the murder of his wife has been cited as family disputes.
According to reports from Hengaw, as cited by Rokna: “Following indications from the
victim’s relatives about the existence of disputes between this couple, the husband of
the deceased has been arrested and confessed to killing his wife. The killing suspect
hid her body under their child’s bed for two days, then transferred it to eastern Tehran
and buried it.
Family disputes are the hidden code name for ‘honor killings,’ which in government-
affiliated or sympathetic media, such killings are reduced to personal disputes.
However, the root of ‘honor killings’ lies in patriarchal laws and beliefs that have been
vigorously promoted by the Islamic regime since the 1979 revolution.”

Stop honor Killings Campaign

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