Khuzestan Witnessed the Killing of Another Woman!

According to a report by a women’s rights activist in Khuzestan sending to the Stop “honor” Killings Campaign, on Wednesday evening of June 8th, 2022, in Gotvand, Aghili section of Kaidan village, Hossein Behdarvand beheaded his brother’s wife, Soghra Mardasi, and stabbed his brother, Muslim Behdarvand, with a knife and injured him seriously.

According to his relatives, Hussein had just been released from prison. Hussein had even imprisoned the couple at home for several days. Locals said the village council was aware of the couple’s imprisonment before the incident but remained silent. The victim, Soghri Mardasi, 38-year-old, had two girls in one in elementary and one in middle schools. The killer and the victim are cousins. Hossein Behdarvand fled after the killing and the police are after him.

The news source says: I am sending this news so that the voice of women can be heard here.

Stop honor Killings Campaign

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