Sargol Akbari was Killed by Her Husband in Sanandaj

Sargol Akbari, 42, a mother of three and a resident of Hassanabad neighborhood in
Sanandaj, was stabbed in the head by her husband, Erfan Rashidi, for the so called
“family dispute’ and died on June 8th, 2022. Sargol Akbari, who was wounded by a
hammer blow, died after being transferred to Kowsari Hospital in Sanandaj (Saneh) due
to the severity of her injuries.
An informed source told the Kurdistan Human Rights Society: “Sargol Akbari was the
mother of three children named Ashkan, 22, Kijan, 15, and Mojgan, 10. Erfan Rashidi
who is a drug addict, after a fight with his wife, attacked his 10-year-old daughter
Mojgan and broke Mojgan’s arm in two places. “
Erfan Rashidi (the killer) was arrested by the Sanandaj Intelligence Office Forces on
Thursday June 9th, 2022. According to one of the Stop honor Killings Campaign’s
credible sources, Erfan Rashidi who is addicted to drugs, after raising an uproar in the
street and at home, tried to take the household items, which Sargol did not let him.
Sargol had previously filed for divorce. She also had previously filed a complaint against
her husband in the forensic ward for being beaten. The family had a feeble economic
Islamic penal laws regarding the killing of women by men of the family violate the
human rights of women. The laws on divorce, unilateral give men the right to divorce,
and there are many women who are killed by their husbands, simply because seeking
divorce. Not only the laws are not preventive, but the high number of killing of women,
especially honor killings, shows that it is urgent to review and change discriminatory
laws against women.
Lack of government financial support for women is one of the reasons women remain in
the cycle of domestic violence.

Stop honor Killings Campaign

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