The Killing of Khadija Moghadiasi, a 45-Year-Old Woman from Boroujerd, by Her Husband

On Sunday, October 15th, 2023, Khadija Moghadiasi, 45 years old, from Boroujerd, one
of the Lorestan province’s city, was killed by her husband with a horrifying method.
According to the witnesses, the husband of this woman, the victim of domestic violence,
first stabbed her in the neck, but despite the heavy bleeding, Khadija ran to the alley to
save herself, but her husband catches with her and hits her head on the ground again
and finally kills her.
The body of Khadija, a victim of family violence, was buried in the of Daral-Salaam
Cemetery in Boroujerd on October 17th, 2023. Her husband was also arrested.
After arresting the husband, he claimed that he is suffering from a mental disorder. The
most common violence against women is suspicion and skepticism, which can lead to
harming wife or committing violent acts such as: beating, severe injuries, and finally
murder. There is also a high rate of “wife killing” among people suffering from
“addiction”. People with addiction often have delusions about their wives and commit
murder due to suspicion.

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