I Became Suspicious, Our Relationship Turned Cold, So I Killed Her

On Friday, May 3rd, 2024, in the area of “Mehdiabad” in Mashhad, a 25-year-old woman
of Afghan nationality, who was six months pregnant, was suffocated by her husband.
After his arrest, the husband referred to “lack of satisfaction” as the reason for this
According to reports from Rakna, the suspect, aged about 37, made shocking
confessions to judicial authorities, saying: “I used to live with my wife and two children in
Qazvin, but family disputes arose between us, and my wife became discordant with me.
That’s why we came to Mashhad at my wife’s suggestion and settled in the Mehdiabad
neighborhood. These family disputes escalated to the point where I became suspicious,
and because of this, our emotional relationship turned cold.”
The suspect, in his further confessions, while trying to attribute all these bitter incidents
to a mental problem said: “I have a mental problem. That’s why I told my wife not to talk
badly to me because these words go into my heart and then hit my brain! But she didn’t
pay attention to me and pushed me away! Until tonight, due to the same cold emotional
relationships, she mocked me, and I was so angry that I grabbed her throat with my
hand. When she became lifeless, I called 110 police emergency line, but the law
enforcement officer said maybe your wife is still alive! That’s when I called 115
emergency service, and moments later, I was arrested by the police. Following the
suspect’s explicit confessions to the murder, he was detained.

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