Father Kills her Daughter Because of her Decision to Divorce her Husband

Zeinat Marandi, 20 years old, living in Dehno village of Zarrin Dasht city of Fars province was killed by her father with an iron pipe blow to her head because of her decision to divorce her husband. Zeinat had decided to divorce for the second time, which was opposed by her father. Divorce is considered a disgrace by some families and they insist on a medieval belief that: “A woman goes to her husband’s house in white and must leave with a cerement.” The sacrifice of women and the worthlessness of their lives are the result of misguided education and the superiority of men. The discriminatory laws against women and the criminal laws that support “honor” killings including Article 630 of the Islamic Penal Code and Articles 301 and 302 are one of the factors that are effective in inciting “honor” killings.

Stop honor Killings Campaign

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